Outreach & Programs

…for Children

Storytime Examples
Stomping Ground Volunteer

I connected with a local preschool music teacher and spent a semester volunteering for his music program, Stomping Ground (part of Music Together). I assisted with singing, engagement, and class management. It was good training for focusing a variety of ages around an activity.

Research Student for the VIEWS2 Study

My work as a student researcher on VIEWS2 (Valuable Initiatives in Early Learning that Work Successfully) prepared me to implement early literacy skills in storytimes that I design and provided effective models and standards for the introduction of early literacy concepts into stoytime programs.

…for Youth

At University Prep I designed a Hobbit display and tied it in to the upcoming release of the first Hobbit movie. Since the movie was PG-13 we were able to advertise it on the University Prep Library Facebook page, since students under 13 were not able to win tickets.


Several classmates and I presented book talks at Hamilton Middle School, along with a public librarian, to encourage participation in the Summer Reading Program. I did my book talk on On the Jellicoe Road, by Melina Marchetti.


It all happened on the Jellicoe Road. Some say that it was worlds colliding, but really it was just two cars, that were so entwined they couldn’t even be pulled apart.  But that’s not what this story is about. It’s about the aftermath. 22 years, plus 4 tragedies, times 6 people dead. How do you solve for secrets?
Taylor Markham needs to find out. Why did her father, and years later her mother, abandon her? Who is the boy that enters her dreams every night, who sings songs she doesn’t know and almost whispers something to her before she wakes up?
And Taylor has her own secrets – about why she ran away from the boarding school years ago with Jonah Griggs and about who killed Jonah’s father.

Taylor follows every available clue to find out just what did happen on the Jellicoe Road.

… for Adults

I created and managed the library’s twitter account at The Seattle School (it was removed after I left). I would post weekly updates about events in the community and our collection. I also utilized images to provide more information in a post – see the example below:

At The Seattle Public Library I created a draft for a “Take Out” menu to accompany a display on cooking. At a different branch I created a sign letting patrons know we were about to show a movie.



I also created multiple displays, infographics, and activities for The Seattle School on a variety of topics:

I created a display on Pride Week 2016 that received a high number of comments from the student body, appreciating that the library highlighted this information and made them feel welcomed in the library space.


For Banned Books Week I created an “interactive” where patrons would participate by adding tally marks to the books they have read.


Additional signs for Banned Books Week:

I also displayed books wrapped in brown paper with a list of “offenses.” Patrons could lift the flap to discover which book had been challenged for the reasons listed.


For the summer I introduced a suggested reading list for our graduate students, publicizing this information in the student newsletter and with signage in the library.

Summer Reading One Page.jpg