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Adaptability: The needs of libraries is constantly changing. In addition to developing skills to effectively work in a changing environment, my work as an Intermittent (Substitute) Librarian with The Seattle Public Library has made me adaptable to competing demands as well as changing workplaces.

Communication & Interpersonal Skills: Throughout my career I’ve developed the skills to clearly and effectively express myself in written communication, especially around topics that lend themselves to misinterpretation. I’ve learned to be effective in my communication, it often requires a deep understanding of relationships, not only with patrons, but also with co-workers. The skills to be an effective team member were honed on various committees and departments at the University of Washington, from the large staff of the Interlibrary Loan office to serving on the Library Staff Association. My expertise at providing professional communication regarding library services was further refined at The Seattle School where the library often served the needs of school donors and alumni.

Customer Service: The ability to create positive relationships through customer service is one that I am passionate about, especially considering the stereotype of the over-protective, shush-ing librarian. With over 20 years of customer service skills developed from working in bookstores, coffee shops, and all kinds of libraries, my goal is to acknowledge each patron with eye contact and a smile. When I suggest books, I ask the patron to come back and let me know what they think. People – their thoughts and ideas, their creativity and content – are essential to libraries. They are our readers, viewers, authors, and learners and they are the reason we are here.


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